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Happy New Year!

What are your new year plans and resolutions in regard to treating your hearing loss?  36 million Americans have a hearing loss—this includes 17% of our adult population.  I find this number to amazing.  Did you know that most people who know they have hearing problems wait 5 years before beginning treatment?  Why do you think this is so long?  People say its the cost, but I do not believe this to be true after seeing patients for over 18 years.  I believe people feel hearing aids will make them feel and look older.   Well I am here to tell you this is farther from the truth.  Hearing aids will keep you engaged during challenging situations and most of them are virtually invisible.  Hearing aids also keep your brain cognitively healthy.  This is the most important part of treating your hearing, is treating your brain.

In future posts, I will discuss different aspects of the brain and why treating hearing loss is so important.  I also treat Tinnitus so look for

those topics too.

Please do not wait if you have hearing challenges.  Call today to scheduled your Risk Free trial of Oticon Opn.


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