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Our Patients Are Excited to Hear Again

Susan posing with Karen

Karen has been struggling to hear for many years. She was fit with Oticon Opn devices and she noticed immediately how much she was missing. She is excited to help her brain hearing more naturally and normally.

Susan posing with Carol

Carol has been struggling for years to hear and understand. She feels she is missing so much of her life. I fit her with Oticon Opn and she noticed a huge improvement, she could hear her clothes and her shoes touching the floor as she walked. Hearing loss takes away the small sounds of life around us. She is excited to finally hear better.

Susan posing with JV

JV had a pair of older hearing aids that were not working for him. The moment he heard with Oticon Opn, his world opened up. He is excited to hear better.

Frances posing with family member

Frances’s current hearing aids were large and bulky. She was not hearing well. I fit her with modern and smaller technology, Oticon Opn. She could have a conversation with her daughter easier than ever. She is excited to hear her family.

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