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The hearing products from Advanced Hearing Services assist everyone from musicians to construction workers to individuals born with hearing challenges. We’re proud to provide products from top industry brands, including Oticon, MIRACELL, Dry LUX, and Earmonix, as well as custom-made options for personal comfort and noise control from Westone.

Please take a look at the latest generation of small, comfortable, and powerful hearing aids and other products, and then contact our office in Fort Collins, CO, for a personal consultation to choose what’s right for you.

mini RITE royal blue hearing aid being held by fingertips

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon is leading the way in hearing aid products, using its own advanced generation of Opn technology to improve users’ 360-degree soundscape and speech understanding by up to 30%. This solution is best in class for handling noisy environments with multiple speakers and allows you to hear each speaker clearly. With Oticon products, you don’t have to work as hard to follow and remember the conversation.

Earmonix Products

It’s easy to forget about hearing protection when you’re traveling, playing music, or working in a noisy area you’re used to ignoring every day, but long-term damage can involve permanent hearing loss or even chronic ear pain and ringing (tinnitus). That’s why Earmonix is dedicated to making hearing protection effective and comfortable. Advanced Hearing Services can help you select from a range of travel plugs, shooting plugs, musician plugs, and noise plugs for construction sites and other loud work environments.

Custom Ear Protection

Advanced Hearing Services is also equipped to create custom ear solutions to protect your hearing from excessive noise exposure. Our custom noise protection solutions include precisely fitted earplugs for sleeping, working in loud areas, hunting, custom iPod molds, or playing music for maximum comfort and protection. We offer a large variety of products from Westone.

Hearing Aid Accessories

In addition to hearing aids, when you visit Advanced Hearing Services, you’ll be able to stock up on hearing supplies and accessories.


Oticon Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs)

Oticon hearing aids have amazing Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs).

Some of our patient favorites include:

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When you visit Advanced Hearing Services for a consultation, our specialist will review your hearing device options and show you all of the cutting-edge features and accessories now available to complement your lifestyle. Contact our office in Fort Collins, CO, today to learn more.

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